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The objective of the project is the preservation of Lithuanian documentary heritage by digitisation as well as its accessibility for everyone via the Internet.

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The project „Lithuanian documentaries on the Internet (e-cinema)"


Lithuanian Central State Archive implemented  a 36-month project „Lithuanian documentaries on the Internet (e-cinema)" since May, 2010. The Archive has received of 9,41 million Litas for this project from EU Structural Funds. The objective of the project is the preservation of Lithuanian documentary heritage by digitisation as well as its accessibility for everyone via the Internet.

Lithuanian Central State Archive holds about 8600 titles of Lithuanian films or 46.000 film tapes. The archival film collection increases every year: filmmakers give their films, foreign Lithuanians send old and unique tapes. The collection covers the evolution of Lithuanian cinema starting from the 2nd decade of the XX century till our days. The Archive holds a large collection of Lithuanian newsreels from 1918-1940, films from German occupation period, documentaries created in Lithuanian Film Studio and Lithuanian Television in 1946-1990, first Lithuanian feature films, works of nowadays filmmakers.

Now some part of Lithuanian documentaries stored in the Archive is not accessible to users because of the poor condition of film tapes. It became difficult to screen old Lithuanian films. On the other hand, the Lithuanian documentary heritage is not equally accessible to all Lithuanian people or to the wider EU and world communities because only few people can physically visit the Archive and use its documents during working hours.

The digitization is the best technological solution for the preservation and access of cultural heritage. In order to improve the access of audiovisual documents, the Archive implemented the film digitization project „Lithuanian documentaries on the Internet (e-cinema)". It‘s result is the digital archive of Lithuanian documentaries as well as the access of it.

For the correct digitization film tapes should be properly prepared. The Archive aquired the special equipment for this – film rewinding tables CINE3 and CINE6; film viewing table CINE8, ultrasonic Cleaner LIPSNER-SMITH. Such kind of equipment was implemented in Lithuania for the first time.

The Archive has the new digital storage facililities with the equipment for digital storage and Internet access – disk storage system, tape library and so on. The Archive also has the new digitization equipment, which consists of image scanning equipment ARRI ARRISCAN 2K, sound digitizing equipment SONDOR OMA E M12, the software DIAMANT for digital restoration, the software Adobe Premiere for digital editing. Such film digitization equipment is also the only one in Lithuanian and in Baltic States.

The new information system E-CINEMA was created according to the new European standards: „EN 15744:2009 Film identification – Minimum set of metadata for cinematographic works" and „EN 15907:2010 Film identification. Enhancing interoperability of metadata. Element sets and structures".

After the implementation of the project a part of Lithuanian documentary film heritage is in the virtual space. The project creates the possibility for different specialists – film historians, filmmakers, scientists, journalists – to use Lithuanian documentary film heritage, to propagate Lithuanian culture and language in the world. Every user from Lithuania, Europe and world is able to search in the website www.e-kinas.lt for digital views, to watch them and to order digital film copies while sitting at home or in the office.

The virtual archive of Lithuanian documentaries will constantly grow.