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The birthday of filmmaker Robertas Verba

On the 13th of September we commemorate the 85th anniversary of famous Lithuanian film director and cameraman Robertas Verba. He studied the cinematography in Leningrad high school of cinema engineers, and graduated Moscow Cinematography Institute as a cameraman. His diploma work – the short story „You are expendable" created by director Marijonas Giedrys in 1960 for the film „The Alive Heroes". Robertas Verba started his work in Lithuanian Film Studio as a cameraman filming short stories for newsreels. But soon he has been given a possibility to make a debut as a film director. In 1965 he created film essay „An Old Man and a Land", which gave him a name of the Pioneer of Lithuanian potery documentary. His essays „Centenary Honors", „Čiūtyta rūta", „Vincas Svirskis", „The Wings of „Lituanica" are included into the golden fund of Lithuanian documentary. In 1989 Robertas Verba took the video camera and became the chronicler of Lithuanian independence movement.

Commemorating the birthday of Robertas Verba we invite to watch the essay „An Old Man and a Land": http://www.e-kinas.lt/objektas/kinas/0956/an-old-man-and-a-land