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The objective of the project is the preservation of Lithuanian documentary heritage by digitisation as well as its accessibility for everyone via the Internet.

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Remembering Marijonas Giedrys

On 16th of March, 2018 the famous Lithuanian film director Marijonas Giedrys would have celebrated his 85th anniversary. After graduating the Institute of Cinematography in Moscow in 1959, for more than 30 years M.Giedrys worked in Lithuanian Film Studio. His creative biography includes 14 feature and 8 documentary films, among them – the famous „Herkus Mantas". In 2010 M.Giedrys got the Governmental Award of Culture and Art for the whole life work.

Remembering Marijonas Giedrys, who passed away in 2011, we invite to watch the documentary film „Flax chant", created in 1965 in Lithuanian Film Studio: http://www.e-kinas.lt/objektas/kinas/0961/flax-chant